drPodder Media Importer 0.1.5 released with backup/restore feature

March 19, 2010 1 comment

The new version now support backup and restore of the database (feed structure and flags like new and old status). This will not backup the actual media files. These files must be downloaded by the webOS device (drPodder) after a restore or left alone.


  1. Plug in the device via USB at select USB mode on device
  2. Backup the database file from the device to the PC via the menu [device]
  3. This will search the device and find the database file and ask for a place to back it up.
  4. After this you should be “safe” to webOS doctor the device or any other task that wipe out the application database for drPodder


  1. Plug in the device via USB at select USB mode on device
  2. Restore the database file from the PC (BACKUP 3.) to the device via the menu [device]
  3. Select the backed-up database file from the PC
  4. This can flag all the episodes in the database as NOT downloaded (you should download from drPodder on the device). You can also let all the download flag be, and restore the database un-altered, this is normally done when the media files are at the same state when backed up.
  5. It will take a backup of the existing database file on the device (,same directory as the original database file,) and name it *.db.bak
  6. Now it copy and overwrite the database file used by drPodder
  7. SAFELY un-plug the USB device and startup drPodder

I have not tested drPodder intense with this new feature, but initial tests was a success.

-Trimming leading and trailing spaces from channel/directory name
-Prevent closing when processing
-Backup drPodder database file from device
-Restore drPodder database from backed-up file (set all downloaded flags to [false]). Existing device database will be renamed to ‘*.db.bak’ before a restore

Get it here


drPodder Media Importer 0.1.4 released

March 18, 2010 Leave a comment

New in this version:
-Automatic searching for valid webOS device on application start
-Automatic searching for valid webOS device on [Search Drive] button
-Include [Title] tag from media file in episode name if any
-Include media file meta tags in episode details if any
-Double click on a file in the tree to use the [album] tag as directory name if any
-Automatic writing of drpodder.xml after succeded process
-Ask to overwrite drpodder.xml

Download it here

drPodder Media Importer alpha release 0.1.3

March 15, 2010 1 comment

webOS  podcast application drPodder has now been supported by a new media importer to transfer media files from a PC to a webOS device (Palm Pre or Pixi or xPlus). The drPodder media importer software include features like:

  • transfer media files to device with progress indication
  • option to hide media files from music and picture application on webOS device
  • custom feed image
  • custom feed title/directory
  • easy open of destination directory
  • write drpodder.xml to device for easy import of feed in drPodder

more features to come…

drPodder media importer can be downloaded here

drPodder Media Importer announced

March 15, 2010 Leave a comment

I will just let you all know that I’m working on an application.

The application is at the moment in alpha state with a minimum of features.

Features are:

  • Select files/folders to copy to device
  • Give a title and directory name
  • Hide media from music and picture app in webOS
  • Set feed/channel image
  • Open destination directory
  • Write feed.xml to device (feed index/meta file)
  • Write drpodder.xml to device for easy import

All this is just to import media files (audio/video) to the drPodder application from a computer. The commen use of this application is importing audio books, but can of cause import all kind of webOS supported media files. The application is coded in .net and I have not yet researched compatibility with MONO on linux and mac.

I will post an alpha version very soon here!

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