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drPodder Media Importer announced

I will just let you all know that I’m working on an application.

The application is at the moment in alpha state with a minimum of features.

Features are:

  • Select files/folders to copy to device
  • Give a title and directory name
  • Hide media from music and picture app in webOS
  • Set feed/channel image
  • Open destination directory
  • Write feed.xml to device (feed index/meta file)
  • Write drpodder.xml to device for easy import

All this is just to import media files (audio/video) to the drPodder application from a computer. The commen use of this application is importing audio books, but can of cause import all kind of webOS supported media files. The application is coded in .net and I have not yet researched compatibility with MONO on linux and mac.

I will post an alpha version very soon here!

drPodder audio book thread

drPodder thread

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