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drPodder Media Importer released (database tools)

April 27, 2010 Leave a comment

Change log: (Beta)
-Fix database with Not existing album art on device
-Detect album art files on restore and clear in db if not existing (eg. restore on full erased USB partition)
-Clear downloaded flag if media files (episodes) are missing on device
-Clear downloaded and new flag if media files (episodes) are missing on device. Can be used if the restore (from eg. wobOS Internals Save/Restore
-Downloading files flaged as downloaded but does not exist on device if drPodder is capable of deleting (does not work if the download tickets in downloadhistory.db in webOS are erased eg. data erease, firmware flash I think).

drPodder Media Importer released with local RSS feed server support

April 19, 2010 Leave a comment

Change log: (Beta)

-Run a RSS feed server with IP/Port listen
-Truncate existing web RSS feeds through local server
-Proxy local media files into local rss feed server
-Write local feed url to drpodder.xml for easy import
-Configuration persistence, even on application update (user specific)
-Configuration options:
*Minimize On Start
*Run Server On Start
*Search Device On Start
*IP Address Listen
*Port Listen
*Minimize To Tray
*Server Shut Down Warning
*Allways Show Tray Icon
-Tray icon context menu (rigth-click) options
-Better Error handling
-Bug fix: sortOrder by pubDate element should now work correct (manual sort handling comming in later version)
-Bug fix: clear USB Drive when no derive found

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Local RSS feed server almost implemented

April 18, 2010 Leave a comment

The Local RSS feed server is almost done.

To get this relative big feature implemented, the application needed some extra features as save configuration, some extra threading layers, running in tray on startup.

I started to implement a RSS feed truncation feature, which can take an existing RSS feed from the web and parse it to only return the top X items.
This feature works now and so does the  configuration feature. I only need some more testing with the local files on the RSS feed. Feed image/art is supported along with the already implemented features like media file tags. Streaming media is also supported via the local RSS Server.

Release will come soon.

drPodder Media Importer beta released with M3U playlist support

April 8, 2010 Leave a comment

Change log: (Beta)
-Loading m3u playlist files, supports url and local files within the format (only absolute and not relative paths as \directory\file)
-Donation button
-Email link in About Box
-Choose episode downloaded flag on restore (all/non)
-Detect drive on palm directory basis not drPodder directory (drPodder directory does not exist if no feeds are ever updated)
-Create drPodder directory if not created when processing media files
-Better MONO support
-Version in application title
-Bug: disable context menu (remove) when in progress

Features in progress:

-run an RSS feed server with ip/port listen
-convert local media files into local rss feed
-truncate web RSS feeds on local server
-application configuration persistence
-application configuration save/load file
-detect icon files on restore and clear in database if not existing

-run an RSS feed server with ip/port listen-truncate web RSS feeds on local server

download here

drPodder Media Importer 0.1.6 released

March 29, 2010 Leave a comment

Change log:
-Remove files from tree via context menu (right click)
-Restore database will search for media files in drPodder directory and ask for deletion because all episodes will be flaged as NOT downloaded and drPodder will try to download
-MONO Ready (should run with MONO on Linux and Mac) download Raw Files, windows Installer does not work (at least I cant get it to work)
-Links in About Box


working on new drPodder Media Importer feature with RSS-Server

March 28, 2010 Leave a comment

I’m working on extending the drPodder Media Importer application with some features to run a local rss-server and by that import/download media files (audio books, podcasts (video/audio) etc.) via local WiFi to the webOS drPodder app.

This could also be accessed from the outside of the LAN/WiFi if forwarding a port in like any other normal server network setup.
This will also introduce the truncation (only top x items) of podcast-items to help drPodder/webOS on the processing side of large feeds.

With this feature drPodder will be able to delete the downloaded media files, which was not possible with the current USB-transfer of media files in drPodder Media Importer.

Let me know if this is a feature you would like?

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